HCS #Entertainment

For Kids ,
60's and 80's music.

HCS #Entertainment offers a first class disco/entertainment event , ranging from kids parties to the age of 13 , retro 80's nights and Boogie at the bar for the over 60's.
We cover Tayside and Fife.


Kids parties & School Disco's

We work with the parents to ensure your kids party will be the very best , Its more than a disco with HCS , we play party games and ensure every one has a great time. HCS works with several schools covering all their events.

Retro 80's disco

There is just something about the 80's music that everyone loves . HCS covers 80's nights with a fantastic selection of tunes.

Boogie at the bar for the over 60's

You are never to old to appreciate good music, our boogies for the over 60's are well booked . We play a great selection of 60's and 70's music with a few party tunes for giggles .

Get ready to be entertained by the best in town call us on
07450 676060